Welcome to the
    Commercial Waste Report portal.

    Is this your first time submitting a Commercial Waste Report? Learn about the requirements here before filing your report.

    This page will guide you through the process of submitting a Commercial Waste Report or monthly Zero Waste Partnership Report. Follow these steps to ensure your Report is submitted correctly:

    1. Use the search bar on the left to search for your property by address or OPA#. This search will bring up all businesses at this address that have previously submitted reports. Your first time submitting, first click “Add My Business” and you will be redirected to the Business Information Form.
    2. After completing the Business Information Form, follow the prompts to be redirected to the Commercial Waste Report form; completing this form should take no longer than 10 minutes.
    3. When the Commercial Waste Report has been submitted successfully, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you can download a PDF copy of your Report; you will also receive a confirmation and a copy of the Report via email. If you do not receive either of these confirmations, you have not successfully submitted a Report and your property is not in compliance.
    4. The Report should be submitted annually by December 31. After you have submitted your first Report, use the search bar on the left to search for your property. Then, click”Select Business” when your account appears, and continue to the Commercial Waste Report or Zero Waste Partnership form.
    Important Note: Philadelphia commercial properties are legally required to submit a Commercial Waste Report annually by December 31. The Zero Waste Partnership Form is an OPTIONAL monthly form submitted by participants in the Zero Waste Partnership Program. Learn more about the Zero Waste Partnership Program here.